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Donegal Rapeseed Oil Company

Donegal Rapeseed Oil Branding


What We Did



Brochure design

Marketing material

The Challenge

Donegal Rapeseed Oil are innovators in their market with a wide range of quality oils. They wanted to completely re-design their brand to compete in the increasingly competitive UK & Irish markets, in order to retain existing customer loyalty and grow their market share.

Our Approach

Our challenge was to create a “stand-out” brand on shelf that would appeal to a brand-savvy, health-conscious market seeking great taste. We worked on developing the brand story, through both language and imagery, to create a differentiated brand, with high on-shelf impact, focusing on the unique selling points of the products and its Irish providence. We also repositioned the product range introducing a higher end premium offer for the connoisseur/deli market alongside the regular brand.

Donegal Rapeseed Packaging Design
Donegal Rapeseed Brochure
Donegal Rapeseed Packaging Design
Donegal Rapeseed Marketing Materials
Donegal Rapeseed Brochure Design
Donegal Rapeseed Packaging Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design & Art Direction
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