Brand Strategy & Development

Montalto Estate

A unique destination ready to be explored.


What We Did


Print Design

Art Direction


The Challenge

Montalto Estate required a launch campaign to create awareness and drive footfall to their unique destination venue prior to launch in September 2018. The focus of our objectives was to create an understanding of what the Estate offered, making it relevant to visitors and effectively communicating its uniqueness.

Our Approach

We worked with Montalto to understand their vision for the Estate and their desire to deliver to visitors a “reconnection with nature.” We considered what this meant for each of their target audiences and how we could “bring the estate alive” prior to someone visiting. The campaign that we delivered was created as a tease and reveal. Designed to drive initial intrigue and talk-ability in the tease phase using a “secrets proposition” the subsequent reveal unveiled the magnificence of the Estate, with hero images of its trails, gardens, adventure playground and unique cafe experience.

“We loved the flexibility and intrigue of the Secrets concept The Foundation designed, how this positioned the Estate as a destination with so many different secrets to reveal and share with potential visitors. It had just the right tone of voice and worked seamlessly across multiple media platforms and resulted in us welcoming thousands of people in our first few weeks of opening.”

Tracy O’Toole
Marketing and Business Development Manager

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