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Morgan Fuels

A business driven by teamwork and a passion for delivering customer excellence in everything they do.


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The Challenge

Morgan Fuels were launching an ambitious, long-term growth plan, aligned to their strategic vision for the business. In order that they could successfully communicate and engage staff in this journey they recognised that they needed an internal brand that clearly captured the vision and what they were trying to achieve together as a team.

Our Approach

We worked with the client to fully understand how the business currently communicated, its culture and personality. From this insight we then developed a set of values that supported the overall growth strategy and that effectively motivated staff behind the common goal. The values we created were memorable, relatable and authentic to the business, and vitally could be easily understood by staff as a whole. The 565 campaign and associated values where launched at an event attended by X staff and the employee engagement programme continues to highlight Fuel Champions within the team, keeping everyone on target and driving a culture of success.