Brand Strategy & Development

Praxis Care

A compassionate organisation working to shape
the future of complex care in the UK & Ireland.


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The Challenge

Founded in 1981 as a befriending service to people with mental ill health experiencing isolation, Praxis Care works to look after the people of Northern Ireland and beyond. Since then, they have expanded their offering to support individuals with a spectrum of needs such as mental ill health, autism, learning disabilities and dementia. With major changes over the last 40 years, the charity requested a brand refresh to better communicate the breadth of their amazing offering to those who need it most.

Our Approach

To get a full understanding of the services that Praxis Care provide, we spent some time getting to know the client. From the offset, we noticed that Praxis Care provide much more than a service, they seek to identify the best possible solution for every individual and those who are important to them. With this in mind, we then developed a new brand identity focused on how their services are Shaped Around the Individual.  Taking inspiration from the positivity of Praxis Care, we created a vibrant colour palette and used photography featuring the bright individuals accessing the Praxis Care services on offer. To update the logo, we created a simple marque to represent the ‘full-circle’ care on offer to every individual regardless of the complexity of their needs.


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