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Passionate and meticulous in craft, Ristretto take care to source and roast the highest quality coffee.


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The Challenge

Ristretto is an award-winning specialist coffee roaster based in Northern Ireland. They strive to source amazing coffee determine the best way to roast it and deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. Ristretto have a strong company culture, are passionate about sustainability, barista training and are in constant pursuit of perfection.

Our Approach

Ristretto approached The Foundation to rebrand the company and better reflect the values they’d developed over the past decade. We created a complete brand identity taking inspiration from a plan view of the humble coffee filter which when combined with the distinctive Ristretto ‘R’ creates a hallmark icon representing the highest standard in coffee. This has since been applied to key retail and packaging elements.

“There are three pieces to the ‘great coffee’ jigsaw puzzle – the finest beans, the best espresso machines and an intense barista training programme. At Ristretto we place a strong emphasis on each of these and now we have an identity that communicates our unique approach.”

Mark Anderson
Managing Director, Ristretto Coffee